Urethyn e/m 1

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For lubricating plain and anti-friction bearings on all types of machines, particularly those operating under high pressure and temperature loads, when moisture or water is present as well as when there is a danger of fretting corrosion. Rate us 1. For dry lubrication of screw caps of oxygen bottles, adjusting mechanisms and screws. Absorbs water condensate without loss of the lubricity. Simply screw in the SR cartridge and you are ready to go. Temperature range in C Colour. A wide range of services is also offered in addition to the comprehensive product portfolio. Colour pigments for colouring gleitmo solid film lubricants Solid lubricants organic. For plain and anti-friction bearings operating at high temperatures and humidity, e. Wherever rapid and self-activating penetration of the lubricant is required.

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  • URETHYN E/M 1 is the ideal long-life grease for plain and roller bearings. Start- up friction is very low, and friction throughout the life of the grease is kept low.

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    URETHYN E/M 1 is the ideal long-life grease for plain and roller bearings. Start- up friction is very low and friction throughout the life of the grease is kept low.

    images urethyn e/m 1

    Product Range The spectrum ranges from long-life greases for mechanical engineering, biodegradable lubricating greases for environmentally-sensitive areas, to high and exceptionally high-temperature greases for use in extreme operating conditions. Available only as a spray.

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    Also to dilute corrosion protection products. For environmentally harmless lubrication of rails and wheel flanges of railway vehicles as well as for reliable lubrication of sliding surfaces of switches.

    images urethyn e/m 1

    They cannot, however, be taken as an assurance about the properties nor as a guarantee of the suitability of the product for the individual case in point. Lubrication of plastics, elastomers and sealing elements.

    images urethyn e/m 1
    Urethyn e/m 1
    Can replace universal oil-based hydraulic oils of the viscosity classes ISO VG forexample due to its outstanding multigrade character.

    After evaporation of the solvent a highly viscous, non-dropping lubricating film remains. Colour Base oil Thickener Solid lubricants beige synthetic inorganic white. The specifications of the manufactures are taken into account.

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    Pfeiffer, KHD, Polysius.

    Oct 27, SECTION 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/ undertaking. Product identifier. Product name: URETHYN E/M 2. FUCHS URETHYN E M1 bearing grease Foss EM 1 semi-synthetic high temperature grease 16KG on sale,buy cheap FUCHS URETHYN E M1 bearing grease.

    KP1K 1. LAGERMEISTER BF 2 natural colour yellowish KP2K 2.

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    Outotec, Salzgitter Spritzmaschinenbau. URETHYN E/M 1 • 2.
    Drop point in C KP2P Solid film lubricants make it possible to pre-treat and store lubricated parts ready for assembly. This group of products contains both grease based lubricants, which contain a high graphite content, and solid-free, high-viscous fluids.

    For assembly, household appliances, textile machines and packaging machines. Displaces water. White high-performance grease.

    images urethyn e/m 1
    Urethyn e/m 1
    For incorporation in plastics, carbon products, powder metals and lubricants.

    URETHYN E/M 1 Kemitura

    Rate us 1. Free of sulphur. White high-performance grease For lubrication of machine parts such as rolling and sliding bearings, axles, shafts or overload couplings subjected to high pressures, impulsive loads and vibrating or oscillating movements, especially in high ambient humidities or where there is water splashing.

    For plain and anti-friction bearings at high temperatures, e. Grease and oil free lubricant film.

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    1. For the lubrication of plate link chains. For sliding surfaces on switch-points in marshalling yards on standard gauge railways, underground and regional express railways, tramways and industrial railways.

    2. For sliding pairings, which have a tendency to stick slip and scuff fret. For long-life or lifetime lubrication of thermally highly stressed plain and antifriction bearings in the chemical industry, textile industry, conveying and drying equipment as well as in KTL installations in the automotive industry.

    3. Is characterised by very low evaporation losses and does not form any lacquer-like deposits even at increased operating temperatures. Colour Base oil brown Mineral oil.